Building a New Brand

After almost 20 years, the portfolio of the Center for Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) far exceeds the capabilities of GIS. Therefore, CGIS will continue its research under a new banner, the Center for Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization.

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Our Portfolio

Our research yields scholarly articles that we publish, products that we create for clients, and interactive maps and applications often available to the public.

Immersive Visualization

The technologies we develop allow people to immerse themselves physically and mentally in real and virtual environments, for work or pleasure.

Our History

Our research center is nearly 20 years old and has partnered with many groups on and off the Georgia Tech campus.

Our Classroom Work

Our faculty and researchers teach GIS courses offered through the School of City and Regional Planning at the College of Design.



  • Nov 28

    Healthy Places Research Group Meeting

    The Healthy Places Research Group is a collaborative effort of individuals interested in exploring the relationship between health and the built environment. The next meeting will discuss the impact of truck traffic on small town air quality and health.